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Grandma’s Stuffing Recipe | Thanksgiving 2014

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My grandma, who I referred to as Nanny, was an INCREDIBLE cook … I mean gourmet style cooking. The kitchen seemed to be her happy place and she found extreme joy in cooking beautiful dinners for those she loved. As I grew up, I saw my mom cook so many meals out of the cookbook my grandma wrote for her, mostly consisting of her own recipes. When I got married, my mom bought a blank cookbook and wrote many of the same recipes in it for me. On the ones that were from my grandma, my mom noted “Nanny Cunningham’s Recipe” so I would know and remember which ones were from her. Most of our family’s holiday recipes come from my grandma, and so I get to be reminded of wonderful times with her during the holidays as I cook and bake and enjoy present holidays with the ones I love. Continue Reading

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Turkey + Garlic Rub Recipe | Thanksgiving 2014

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I grew up in a family that honors tradition, people who repeat the same things over each year and never get sick of it, and who are closely knitted together. In all of the blessings I’ve received in life, I count my family as one of the biggest and greatest that God has ever given me.When holidays come around, the first things that hit my mind are traditions … activities, movies, baking, recipes, Christmas Eve service, getting a little extra dressed up, game nights, viewing Christmas lights, and tons of people coming in and out of the house to spend time together. One thing I’ve noticed since leaving Utah and making a home in Colorado, is that it’s all of the little tiny things that make Thanksgiving and Christmas feel like those holidays. So, we’re having Thanksgiving at our little house in Denver, Colorado this year, and I’ll be making some family recipes to make the holiday feel complete. Continue Reading

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Beef Bourguignon | France


For Jeremy’s birthday, we spent a night in this year. So, I decided to make one of his favorites for dinner … boeuf bourguignon, or here in the U.S., beef burgundy. On top of being one of his favorites, it’s from the country he was born and grew up. His mom’s recipe from France is absolutely delicious so I don’t venture far from it … we choose to take the mushrooms out since Jeremy can’t stand mushrooms and I don’t necessarily like them either.

Without further ado, here it is: Continue Reading

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Grilled Pork with Rice + Quinoa Salad


While I’m on my first day of SEVEN, in which I can only eat 7 foods for 4 weeks, I’ve decided to blog one of our new favorite meals. We had this dinner last week while Jeremy’s parents were in town visiting, as well as with two of our best friends. It was an evening filled with yummy food and card games … possibly the best way to spend an evening. As far as I know, it’s not of any ethnic background, but it is from Rachel Ray and almost anything she comes up with is pretty terrific.

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White Bean + Sausage Soup

I’m not sure if every recipe we try out is truly from the country we say it is or if it’s just an american version of something adopted from somewhere else, but it can be tough searching for authentic recipes. This is one of those recipes. It has common Spanish spices in it and has similar tastes to other Spanish dishes I’ve had, so I’d like to think they actually make this in Spain. None-the-less here is a tasty Spanish soup. (I promise, we’ll move on from Spain and try out some recipes from other places in the future).

Jeremy paired this soup with Olivares – Altos De La Hoya.

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