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Thoughts + Feelings | Returning from Ghana


I wish it was easier to explain my feelings about being back from Ghana.

In case you just started following along with our journey, feel free to check out our post about preparing for our trip to Ghana with Ghana Children’s Fund and our other adoption posts first.

As I was saying, I wish it was easier. I wish the thoughts and images flying through my head could just transport themselves onto paper because it’s nearly impossible for me to put into words our experience, how we’ve changed, and what it’s like to process being back. Continue Reading

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Preparing for Ghana | 2014

Preparing for something you know will change you, change your heart, is complicated … it’s challenging, overwhelming, emotional.

I went to Ghana for the first time last summer with my friend, Molly. It was new and exciting, but also filled me with much anxiety. I felt as though I was going to Africa on a whim, but at the same time following God’s leading. I didn’t know what to expect, I was nervous about the kids liking me, I was self conscious about my vanity that I’ve struggled with since high-school, I was curious what the culture would look like, I was sure I would be touched and grow closer to God, but I didn’t expect my view of the world and of faith to be changed all that much.

Now my first trip has come and gone and I’ve had a year to reminisce on my precious memories. Ghana changed me, the kids there changed me, but mostly God changed me and in big ways. He continues to lead me in a way that I never had foreseen life going, changing my thoughts and beliefs about the world and slowly moving me to view life, people and His Son the way He does.

As I’m preparing for Ghana 2014, going with more people than just my one friend, I’m left wondering what it will look like, what God will teach me, how He will move me, and how He will lead Jeremy and me as a couple. I’m once again excited, but also once again anxious. I’m entering this experience with a more open heart than I did even last time and I know I can be confident that God will show up … I’m thankful that as we walk into an unknown future, we can trust in a known God.

So, here’s to preparation, surrendering my heart, and to Ghana 2014.

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This Life | Ghana 2013

I’m laying on my foam mat in my room in Ghana right now … African music from town streaming in through the open door. Life moves slowly here but somehow my days are going by so quickly.

Sometimes I love being here and other times not so much, but either way, I love showing the Ghanaian orphans love … holding and playing with them, even in the midst of them tugging on my hair, hands, and anything else they can get a hold of. If I can make even one kid feel loved and cherished while I’m here, my trip will have been more than worth it. Continue Reading

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Parlez-vous Francais? | Our Life

As wedding season hits and all our exciting weddings are just around the corner, I can’t help be realize that this also means our trip to Europe is even closer. I have now been to France in the Spring and Winter, and this year, Jeremy and I will be visiting Southern France and Italy in the Fall. I couldn’t be more thrilled for this trip. In-between meetings with brides, shooting weddings, and lots of editing, I will be trying to be diligent with my Rosetta Stone.

So, until we are back in my favorite country, I will be viewing these photos of Saint Germain en Laye from my last venture quite frequently.

France + Kristin Mae Photography Continue Reading

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Challenges + Adventures | Ghana 2013

Ghana 664_edit

As I’m sitting here late at night, creating my post cards that will be sent to friends and family to put on their fridges as little reminders to say some prayers for Molly, myself, and the kids we will be spending time with in Ghana this summer, I’m thinking, “This will be an adventure but also a challenge that will change me forever.” I will never be the same after this trip to Ghana, and a very selfish part of me wants to back away and be oblivious to the hurt that is in this world. However, the loving and compassionate side of me, no doubt the side that God has created in me over the years, is so excited to teach, play with, and love on those kids! Continue Reading