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Month 4 + 6 | Seven


So apparently I missed writing about month 4, which was giving up seven forms of media. If you think about it, that’s about all media. Here’s what I gave up:

1. Facebook

2. Twitter

3. Instagram

4. Radio

5. Movies/TV

6. Wasting time on the Web

7. Adoption Blogs

This month was pretty difficult but also refreshing. I had much more time to get the things done that needed to be done, stopped looking at other people’s lives on Facebook, enjoyed the present more, and had more quiet in my life. After the month was over, I started using all forms of media again, but way less than I had before month 4 began. I started desiring less media in my life and wanted to fight for the present. My priorities simply began to change, and that’s a good feeling. Continue Reading

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Month 3 + 5 | Seven


Well, as you might have noticed, I’ve been terrible about blogging my 7 journey, not to mention my friend Molly and I took a couple months off as life unfortunately gets too busy around the holidays (something I’m determined to change next year). So, let’s get to it.

Month 3 was all about giving away tangible items. The challenge was to give away 7 items a day for one month, that’s 210 items. I did mine more in large loads rather than each day. Going along with my capsule wardrobe and desire to have less clothes in my closet, about half my items consisted of clothing. We also rid our house of many other items we had in storage and didn’t see ourselves using or needing in the future. Continue Reading

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Month One + Two | Seven

So, I’ve done a terrible job of keeping you posted on how SEVEN is going. Simply put: IT’S SO HARD!

Month 1 was about simplifying what you eat. I was supposed to choose 7 foods and only eat those foods for 1 month. I’ll be honest, I started out with 7 food items, but then changed it to 7 simple meals. I felt that it was almost impossible to give your body what it needs to stay healthy with just 7 items. I’m all about simplifying and feeling the sacrifice but I also believe in keeping my body healthy. I did a cleanse a few months ago and it completely changed how I eat, when I eat, and what I say “no” to (most of the time). Because of my cleanse and change in what I put into my body, my energy levels where much higher, I was overall happier, and I just felt really good! So, I wasn’t about to reverse all of that work. These are the 7 simple meals I ended up with: Continue Reading

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Grilled Pork with Rice + Quinoa Salad


While I’m on my first day of SEVEN, in which I can only eat 7 foods for 4 weeks, I’ve decided to blog one of our new favorite meals. We had this dinner last week while Jeremy’s parents were in town visiting, as well as with two of our best friends. It was an evening filled with yummy food and card games … possibly the best way to spend an evening. As far as I know, it’s not of any ethnic background, but it is from Rachel Ray and almost anything she comes up with is pretty terrific.

recipes_pork_loin__0005 Continue Reading