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Welcome to the new site friends.

This past year and a half has been a challenging transition. Before I started Artifact, I was working within the wedding industry, for five years to be exact. Those years produced some of my finest photographic work and stretched my creativity and abilities more than I would have ever imagined. But working every weekend wasn’t meshing with my family and the lifestyle we hoped for in the future. So, I made a tough decision to leave the wedding industry. Along with walking away from wedding photography, I took a break from almost all things camera related. Over the past year, my camera has been in it’s bag more than in my hand and I began to feel unsettled. So, I pursued other creative outlets. I began to learn how to paint with oils from Laura, experimented with hand lettering, and finally branched out from piano and picked up a ukulele. During this time, I also designed and launched Artifact, and also dedicated time to travel and humanitarian photography, something I became passionate about since visiting Ghana in 2013. Continue Reading

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Month 4 + 6 | Seven


So apparently I missed writing about month 4, which was giving up seven forms of media. If you think about it, that’s about all media. Here’s what I gave up:

1. Facebook

2. Twitter

3. Instagram

4. Radio

5. Movies/TV

6. Wasting time on the Web

7. Adoption Blogs

This month was pretty difficult but also refreshing. I had much more time to get the things done that needed to be done, stopped looking at other people’s lives on Facebook, enjoyed the present more, and had more quiet in my life. After the month was over, I started using all forms of media again, but way less than I had before month 4 began. I started desiring less media in my life and wanted to fight for the present. My priorities simply began to change, and that’s a good feeling. Continue Reading

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Month 3 + 5 | Seven


Well, as you might have noticed, I’ve been terrible about blogging my 7 journey, not to mention my friend Molly and I took a couple months off as life unfortunately gets too busy around the holidays (something I’m determined to change next year). So, let’s get to it.

Month 3 was all about giving away tangible items. The challenge was to give away 7 items a day for one month, that’s 210 items. I did mine more in large loads rather than each day. Going along with my capsule wardrobe and desire to have less clothes in my closet, about half my items consisted of clothing. We also rid our house of many other items we had in storage and didn’t see ourselves using or needing in the future. Continue Reading

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What’s to Come in 2015


This New Year, I’ve been reflecting on way too much for my mind and heart to handle, but I wanted to try to clear up some questions I’ve been receiving from clients, friends, and family alike.

Navigating this transitional period in my photography career has been anything but easy. It’s been overwhelming and confusing, yet refreshing and thrilling. Jeremy and I decided to retire from the wedding industry in October, 2014. We felt life shifting and decided to move along with it instead of resist it. Looking towards family life with kiddos, we re-evaluated how we spent our time, and wedding photography didn’t fit into life the way we wished. There are lovely things about being a wedding photographer for sure, however, when I’m a mom, I hope to be spending time with my kids, husband, and friends on the weekends, taking weekend trips to the mountains and visiting family more often. I felt a successful wedding photography business couldn’t meet my personal expectations while still giving my clients the best I had to offer, all while being a mom.

Continue Reading

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Fine Art Photography | Etsy Shop


Life has been beyond busy lately. Holiday seasons tend to rush in and rush out and you’re left with wondering how life became so crazy. Normally, I go through some post-holiday blues after Christmas, refusing to take down the Christmas tree and stop playing Carol of the Bells. This year was different. In my wandering to find a more simple life, I was ready for life to quiet down. My goal in the future: to keep that simple life, even during the holidays. Continue Reading