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This past year and a half has been a challenging transition. Before I started Artifact, I was working within the wedding industry, for five years to be exact. Those years produced some of my finest photographic work and stretched my creativity and abilities more than I would have ever imagined. But working every weekend wasn’t meshing with my family and the lifestyle we hoped for in the future. So, I made a tough decision to leave the wedding industry. Along with walking away from wedding photography, I took a break from almost all things camera related. Over the past year, my camera has been in it’s bag more than in my hand and I began to feel unsettled. So, I pursued other creative outlets. I began to learn how to paint with oils from Laura, experimented with hand lettering, and finally branched out from piano and picked up a ukulele. During this time, I also designed and launched Artifact, and also dedicated time to travel and humanitarian photography, something I became passionate about since visiting Ghana in 2013.

This time off also gave me space to reflect on what I actually wanted to pursue. I don’t want to take photographs simply to have a job. That mindset makes me feel fake and impersonal. I want to photograph what inspires me and gives me the opportunity to be creative. With that, I defined why and what I love in photography. I love the outlet it gives me, the voice my photographs put forth, and the memories I get to look back on. But, when I started asking myself how I actually wanted to use my life, the impact I hope to have, photography took a back seat.

Going back to school has often come up in my conversations with Jeremy. My undergraduate degree is in Psychology, a study that I loved whole-heartedly but throughout my twenties, I chose to pursue a different path. Over the past couple years, I have considered possibly every type of graduate program and career I might be interested in. In the end, I was led back to Psychology. And so, in February, I applied for the International Disaster Psychology program at the University of Denver; a program that brings two of my biggest interested together: psychology/mental health and global work. Last week, I was offered admissions!

I finally felt like I had received an answer as to where my career is headed. It gave me the freedom to let go of photography completely as a profession. I’m so excited about this new road that lies ahead of me; one that will equip me to impact this world.

For those who know me personally, thank you a million times for your support and encouragement through one of the biggest transitions of my life.


. KG .

*What does this mean for Artifact?

This little place on the web is a space for my personal photography endeavors, art, creativity, recipes, healthy living and anything in-between.



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